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AI-driven supplier insights for better business outcomes

Improve spend cost reduction. Ensure supply continuity. Powered by the Scoutbee Intelligence Platform.

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Data Sources and Integration

Say goodbye to using multiple disconnected systems to manage your supply base

Seamlessly integrate all your supplier data into one platform

The Scoutbee Intelligence Platform acts as a connective tissue between your non-integrated source to pay (S2P), ERP, ESG, and risk solutions, seamlessly integrating all your systems for improved data accessibility.

Maximize your investment in S2P and ERP solutions with Scoutbee, connecting data to actionable insights and presenting them in an intuitive way.

scoutbee intelligence platform

Say hello to an intelligent, AI-powered way to manage your suppliers

The Scoutbee Intelligence Platform provides you with an intelligent way to manage suppliers and drive your business forward. Our platform combines AI, machine learning, and big data to help you quickly identify the best suppliers for your specific needs.

Its powerful solutions help you find new suppliers faster and more efficiently than ever before, while also providing deep insights into your current supply base to improve resilience and reduce risk.

  • Discover potential suppliers faster and smarter
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your supply base
  • Manage supplier risk proactively with actionable insights
  • Reach ESG and diversity goals

Who is Scoutbee?

A global company with employees from 20+ countries, Scoutbee drives better business outcomes by giving companies the actionable insights they need to perfect their supply base and advance strategic initiatives, such as risk management, ESG, and innovation.

A seamless procurement solution: How Scoutbee connects the dots

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What our customers say about us

Technology doesn’t give you visibility to reliably prevent supply disruptions before they happen, but it can give you information that can help you respond to supply chain disruptions much faster than human buyers can."
michael klinger siemens ag
Michael KlingerCorp. Supply Chain Management Siemens AG
Scoutbee enables us to more rapidly find exactly what we are looking for in a supplier. Whether we need to identify suppliers in a specific region, category, or are interested in sustainability, diversity, risk reduction, or cost competitiveness, we can identify the best suppliers more quickly.”
michael dewitt   professional photo 2
Michael DeWitt Vice President Indirect Spend Management and Center of Excellence Walmart International
Sometimes what we’re searching for isn’t definable by a keyword. This tool does a deep search to find pitch decks and the types of clients they service to better understand their capabilities. Improving supplier diversity supports supply base diversification and introduces suppliers that can fill holes and step up during disruptions.”
lullit jezequel
Lullit JezequelSustainability & Partnerships Procurement Manager Unilever

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How Scoutbee’s AI helps businesses succeed

Proactively manage supply chain risks with the Scoutbee Intelligence Platform

  • Identify critical risks to avoid supply chain disruptions
  • Conduct pre-contract due diligence on high-risk or business-critical suppliers
  • Navigate the global supply chain landscape by identifying alternate suppliers in different regions
  • Understand supplier risk profiles / scores based on specific criteria, such as weather, modern slavery, cyber risk, financial, geopolitical, or quality
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Improve the way you manage your suppliers with the AI-powered Scoutbee Intelligence Platform

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Scoutbee for your existing suppliers

The Scoutbee Intelligence Platform provides a comprehensive view of your supply base, enabling you to easily manage, visualize, and analyze deeper supplier insights, including risk, ESG and diversity data, financial information, product capabilities, certifications, spend data, supplier ratings, and more, all in one place.

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Scoutbee for new suppliers

Discover potential suppliers, smarter and faster, with the Scoutbee Intelligence Platform. Our solution uses AI, machine learning, and web crawlers that help you find more and better-fitting suppliers faster, increasing the competitiveness of your supply base, and saving hours of manual work. Get a more diverse and competitive supplier portfolio by matching your sourcing specifications with potential suppliers.

alerts and notifications

Powerful analytics for smarter decisions

Navigate supply chain risks and promote sustainability with powerful analytics

  • Choose from various data points like risk, ESG, diversity, and spend to visualize intelligent supplier data
  • Receive predictive and prescriptive analytics that provide actionable recommendations for sustainable business success
  • Get notified about potential risks as well as certificate and contract expirations of your suppliers

What industry experts say about Scoutbee

Scoutbee provides an AI-based knowledge platform that enables procurement to better manage existing suppliers and identify new ones. Its knowledge graph model allows users to unify and analyze supplier information in a centralized way, serving as an invaluable asset for procurement organizations trying to navigate today’s supply chain chaos.
jason busch
Jason BuschFounder and CEO Spend Matters
Over the last couple of decades, our enterprises have invested significantly to architect, unify, and coordinate a single, trusted, and robust view of a customer through various CRM platforms. It’s now time to do the same with our suppliers.
chris sawchuk
Chris SawchukPrincipal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader The Hackett Group
Scoutbee scans what’s going on, in terms of supply base or potential supply base, using knowledge graphs, AI, and web crawlers. The whole sourcing landscape can be improved due to this supplier data visibility and 360° assessment. Managers who deal with supplier relationships need to be ready for this new language of data and 360° lens and Scoutbee can help.
dr maria jesus saenz
Dr. María Jesús SáenzDirector MIT Digital Supply Chain Transformation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Reduce costs.
Ensure supply continuity.
Reach ESG goals.